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Telling Your I.T. Story



Until now, the “IT Factor” has rarely been applied to I.T. professionals.

Story Telling, the new “buzz word” in business, has not been warmly embraced by I.T. professionals. We at Illuminata Global (IG), understand the resistance to “Story Telling” on the part of I.T. professionals. Our approach to 
Story Telling is different, unique, and time-tested.

Every I.T. professional has a story, but choosing the right story as the introduction to your Presentation takes time, patience, and practice. Your choice of story says everything about you to your audience. The benefits of beginning your I.T. Presentation with a Story are three-fold: 1) they get to know you, 2) they trust, and 3) they listen to you.

Story Telling is a powerful tool when delivered in conjunction with clear and concise graphs, charts, and slides. Our course focuses on developing and delivering a straight-forward, business related I.T. Story. Your story is woven into your I.T. presentation.

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