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Seize the Moment "Exceptional Impromptu Speaking"


It’s not your project; it’s not your presentation; you believe you are in the meeting just to listen. But then comes the dreaded question pointed directly at you, “What do you think?” Do you have the ability to seize the moment even when you are caught off guard? Are you able to quickly formulate an articulate response? Deliver it with presence and poise? Engage listeners with a succinct and memorable response?

If you would like to develop your Impromptu Speaking skills, choose Illuminata Global (IG)’s : “Seize the Moment: Exceptional Impromptu Speaking”. IG’s “Seize the Moment: Exceptional Impromptu Speaking” is crucial for those who find themselves called upon to deliver on the spur of the moment. In unexpected, daunting, yet critical situations, communication must be confident, concise, knowledgeable and dynamic. 
IG’s Seize the Moment: Exceptional Impromptu Speaking” training provides our participants with the skills to communicate “on-the-spot” with clarity, confidence, poise and credibility.

IG’s “Seize the Moment: Exceptional Impromptu Speaking” will prepare you to respond with a message that is: (1) memorable and impactful; and (2) delivered with ease.

Led by dynamic trainers, with real-world experience, our unique training methodology focuses on one-on-one and small-group simulated business situations. Through extensive on-camera training, utilizing engaging, and interactive exercises, with real-life examples which are fun, lively and assure retention, participants will acquire the skills to excel at impromptu speaking -- the most stressful of speaking situations.

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