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High Stakes Media Training



Illuminata Global (IG), Media Training seminar is crucial for those who find themselves called upon to deliver make-or-break interviews in print, radio, and/or social media interviews. This is especially true for those who are already confident in their ability to communicate to the media, but who want to take those skills to the next level. IG’s High Stakes Media Training seminar provides our participants with the skills to deliver an effective media interview with clarity, confidence, and credibility.

With IG’s High Stakes Media Training course, we prepare your team to deliver your company’s message with success and message control: (1) your team controls both the message delivered and the precise quotes used by the media: (2) your team’s message is memorable: and (3) your team has “message supports” (sounds bites, statistics, and anecdotes).

Led by dynamic trainers, with real-world, award-winning journalism experience, our unique training methodology focuses on concentrated one-on-one and small-group simulated interviews which are fun, lively, and assure retention. These simulated interviews are recorded, honing the skills of your team members, and assuring interviews which “pop” on the television screen, resonate on the radio, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), or "stand-out" in the print media.

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