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Presentation Skills Course for New Leaders (introductory)


Illuminata Global's (IG's) Presentation Skills for New Leaders course focuses on those who must begin cultivating their ability to develop and deliver a face-to-face or virtual presentation, or to take the lead during a decisive conference call.

Do you find it difficult to speak-up during meetings? Do you find yourself struggling to articulate your thoughts when speaking to a group of your peers, clients, and/or your boss? Do you find the very thought of delivering a face-to-face presentation terrifying? If so, this course is perfect for you!

By participating in IGs Presentation Skills for New Leaders course, you will acquire the skills to: 1) build your self-confidence, 2) develop and deliver clear and concise presentations to peers, clients, and/or your boss, 3) lead a dynamic and engaging conference call, and 4) develop and deliver compelling presentations. Download Course Outline