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High Stakes Presentation Skills (intermediate)


Among the many Presentation Skills Training Seminars provided by Illuminata Global (IG), our High Stakes Presentation Skills program is specifically designed for those who find themselves in a position to deliver integral and urgent presentations.

At IG, we tailor our Communication Skills Training Courses to each participant's needs and goals. Our Senior Trainers will help you to 1) define, demonstrate, and project your unique presence; 2) design a presentation that will most effectively influence your audience; 3) deliver your own distinct, dynamic, and memorable brand; 4) deliver credible, compelling and high impact presentations; 5) deliver your presentation in a natural and genuine manner and 6) harmonize your verbal and non-verbal communication such as eye contact, gestures, and body language.

Here, you will learn how to deliver engaging and compelling presentations in high-stress situations, while gaining the skills needed to overcome and discourage audience distractions, hostile or challenging questions, off-topic questions or discussions, or any unforeseen pressures which may otherwise alter your train of thought.

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